What is Stream Processing

Java developers should be very familiar with Stream API in Java, which greatly improves the ability to handle data collections.

The idea of Stream is to abstract the data processing into a data stream and return a…

Why do we need distributed locks

  • Placing orders

Lock the uid to prevent duplicate orders.

  • Stock deduction

Lock inventory to prevent overselling.

  • Balance deduction

Lock the account to prevent concurrent operations. Distributed locks are often needed to ensure change resource consistency when sharing the same resource in distributed systems.

The features that distributed locks need to have

  • Exclusivity

The basic feature of a lock…

Why do we need to load shedding

In a microservice cluster, the invocation chain is complex, and as a service provider, it needs a mechanism to protect itself from being overwhelmed by mindless invocations and to ensure the high availability of its own services.

The most common protection mechanism is flow limiting mechanism, the premise of using…

rest framework overview

Let’s start with 's cli tool to generate an with the following function.

  1. parse the configuration file
  2. pass…

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